There was a time, when my world was disheveled. I was not at peace.  Everything in my head seemed to be a jumbled mess.  What time was that appointment?  When was my next oil change was due?  What did I need to accomplish today?  Why could I not find my keys?  When was I going to do all this laundry. Ugh!  This was not a way live my life.

I think one of my most favorite quotes comes from the motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar.  He said  “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”.  I love that saying.  It taught me just to start.  It does not matter where you are in your life currently.  You can start to simplify your days. You can create white space in your life. You can make time to enjoy the moments that mean something.  The good news is that messy can always be cleaned up.  Chaos can always be organized.  Stress can always be calmed.  It simply all starts with a little planning.

It is how we handle the situations that that make us the person we were meant to be.  I needed to find simple. I had to find a way to manage my days better.  I researched and found my very first planner.

I wrote down every task, appointment, goal, event, idea and thought.  I had to find a way to clear my mind.  It never occurred to me that I had a hard time coordinating all that in my head.  Seeing it on paper gave me the chance to organize everything and create a planning style that was my own.

Live more simply

Each of us are pulled in a thousand directions on a daily basis.
With so many people relying on us, it is amazing we get anything done at all.  By simply planning our days and creating a few routines things become less overwhelming.

This additional time can be used to tackle that project you has been on your list. Have you ever said “I have always wanted to do that!” or “I should give that a try!”  Having plans in place will allow you time to follow that ambition.

Plan some “white space”

 This is why you work so hard.  To enjoy those family bonding moments  or just personal time for yourself.  (Finish that book you started!  Hit that yoga class!) Whatever your “most” is, live in the moment and enjoy it.


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