How many times have you said “I don’t need to write that down, I will totally remember it?”  Yeah. Us too.   There is SO much we need to keep track of in our daily lives, how can we be expected to remember it all. Why should we?  Keeping track of all our appointments. Our families appointments.  Errands we need to run. Calls we need to make.  Things we need to buy.  Bills we need to pay.  Sound familiar?  Overwhelmed yet.  Yeah Us too.

We searched for a way to get it all under control. It was really simple when we started looking for a solution.  Write it down.  Simple.  Done.  You no longer have to store all the info in your brain like you are a computer.  This painless task of taking pen to paper will give you your “brain space” back.  By taking a few moments to layout everything you need to accomplish you can organize those tasks, create the best plan of attack to get it all done.  This will ultimately create more peace and calm in your days.  And that is what we all need. Peace. Ohhhhhhhmmmmmmmm………..

Whether you just use a piece of paper, notebook or the calendar you get from the ASPCA, we just want you to write it down.  If you are looking for something a little more structured, hey, we got you covered with that too.  Go to our shop get our limited edition A5 Planner Inserts. Cultivated because of our busy lives, we are proud to be able to share with you our week on two page calendar inserts.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how we use these pages to streamline our days and weeks.


Paper Bean Press A5 Insert Refills Priority Box

We call this our priority box.  This is a place for our most important task or focus of the week.  This box was born for that one item that you simply cannot forget for the week. Think of it as your “don’t forget” box.  You could also place quotes or scriptures in this area as a wonderful reminder for the week. We have done that too if there is nothing super pressing for the week.  We actually really like to use is that way.
Use it for…
Upcoming Birthdays/Holidays
Card(s) you have to mail
Appointments you have to make
Items you must buy
Bills you have to pay


Paper Bean Press Bullet List

This space is a great area to use as a brain spill.  Not sure what that is? Any idea that comes into your head can be jotted in this section. No matter if it’s an idea, an errand or a simple phone call you need to make, this is the place to do it.  This is an excellent habit to get into daily. Any task, errand, appointment or project that you want to make sure does not get missed can be noted in this section.
Use it for:
Scheduling appointments
Calls you need to make
Errands you need to run
Projects you want to start/finish
Items you need to buy
Emails to need to send
Thoughts or ideas you have


Paper Bean Press Week on two Pages Spread

This is a week at a glance starting with Monday- Sunday.  With equal space for each day, this layout will give you plenty of space to track anything you need to get accomplished.

Appointments:  Start by filling in any appointments you have.  If you are having lunch with a friend of have a hair appointment, this is the perfect place to note these scheduled events.

Routines: Each person has a routine.  I do the same thing every morning.  Get up make the bed.  Let the dogs out.  I won’t bore you with the details.  The other routine I have is my cleaning routine.  Each Monday I clean the kitchen.  Tuesday I vacuum the entire house.  I created this routine for 2 reasons.
1.  Doing a little bit at a time allows me to keep up on the cleaning and not feel overwhelmed that I have to do it all in one day.
2. I don’t have to think about it!  That is the killer part!  I don’t have to think!  I know when it’s going to be done which means it is one less decision I have to    make.  Is there a routine you can set for yourself? You already have them I’m sure of it.  Is there a yoga class you like to attend each week?  Do you go to a book club each week or have to take a child to a sporting event?  This is a great place to keep your eye on the ball when it comes to the weekly routines we create for our families.

Time Blocks:  Next fill in any weekly events that require you tp schedule a block of time. Maybe you want to just block out some time each week to read a book or take the dogs for an extra long walk. Is there a project that needs some attention?  Block out specific time to devote to tasks of this nature.  Writing down these certain block commitments will help you stay accountable.

Bullet list:  Now take a look at your bullet list.  Decide what of those items can be done this week and which days are best suited to tackle those specific items.  As you start to plan out your week, you may start to see coordinating tasks.  Group those together.  If you have to go to the bank and return an items to the store, you may notice those two places are in the same shopping plaza therefore those errands can be done in the same trip.

Paper Bean Press Habit Tracker

Tracking is a huge part of accountability!  You can not manage what you cannot measure.  With that being said, when you do accomplish that daily goal it feel good to give yourself a pat on the back.  This is a great place to jot down what you want to make a habit and give yourself a kudos when you do make it happen.
Consider tracking:
Steps per day
Personal/Relaxation time

We found this super cute blog of 40 thing to use your habit tracker for it you want some more clever ideas.


Paper Bean Press Style Boxes

These boxes are to represent your personal style. They were created to be used for anything that your life needs.  Change it up each week based on how you are feeling and what is important that week.  Here are a few ideas:
Additional  priority boxes.
Journaling spaces.
Place your weekly routines in these spaces.
You can track other habits.
Use them for gratitude and/or quotes.
Track pets or children habits.
Books you want to read

Looking for more clever things to track in your planner and maybe in your style boxes, get more ideas here! 


Paper Bean Press On a High Note

We all have notes we need to write down during the week.  It may be a phone number or could be  simply something amazing that happened to us this week.  Whatever you want to note or whatever memory or journal entry you want to compose,  here is a great area to jot that down.

It’s pretty simple.  Write it down, categorize it, prioritize it and accomplish it.  There is no need to try to organize your days and weeks in your head. These functional pages will help you streamline and manage your life so you can simply enjoy what matter most.  It is all about simplifying your daily tasks and chores to do more of what you love.  We are here to help!  Want our inserts?  Shop now!  XO