Top tips on Planning out your Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual calendar is a collection of important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays and important events that reoccur each year.  This overview will be an up front reminder of those dates that have special meaning. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to use your perpetual calendar to its fullest!

Everyone loves well wishes on their birthday.  I know I do! Whether you choose to send a card, give someone a phone call or send them some flowers, having it written out all in once place helps to make sure you do not miss these memorable days.


Milestones like this should be celebrated!  However you choose to honor those events it is nice to have a reminder of those days.  I do send greeting cards to a few family members for their anniversary.

Special Events:

Annual events are always a good thing to keep track of.  If you have an event that happens every day on the same year this is a great place to jot it down.  Know of a wedding happening this year or did you recently get a save the date?  This a great place to make note of upcoming engagement.

Annual Renewals:

Any renewal that needs to be done each year is worthy of placing on your calendar. Every year I need to renew my vehicle registration.  I know that it must be done by a certain date each year.  I pop this on my perpetual calendar so I don’t forget that it needs to be accomplished by a certain timeframe.

Using your perpetual calendar:

Once my perpetual calendar for the entire year is complete, I can put it into action.  Now that I see see all the important days at a glance the next tasks become rather easy.

Card Shopping:

I choose one day and with my calendar in hand, I buy ALL the greeting cards that I need.  I purchase a birthday card and anniversary card for everyone on my calendar.  If I know there is a wedding in the future I will get that too.  They all get tucked in my card box so when the date is upon me all I have to do is walk into my home office for the card, fill it out and mail it!  Super simple.
Generally the only cards I cannot get at this time are specific holiday’s such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc.

Color Code:

A great way to keep your calendar page organized (and let’s be honest a little pretty) is to use different colors for each category.  Birthday can be one color while anniversary another.  This way when you take a quick look you can recognize the difference with ease.

Doctor Follow up: 

Sometimes this can be a reoccurring yearly date, sometimes it may not be however this is a good place to record any doctor visit that you may need to remember a year in advance.  Since most doctor office do not allow you to schedule an appointment a year in advance, it can become a trying responsibility to remember to call for that follow up appointment.  When the doctor says “I’ll see you in a year”, making a note in this section will remind you of that important event.

Perpetual Calendar Spread - Paper Bean PressPerpetual Calendar Spread - Paper Bean Press


I am not sure how I could live without my perpetual calendar.  It is a great tool to have at your disposal when you are looking at days and engagements that have meaning or a special place in your heart.  At times, it can also be used in a practical to give you a great snapshot of you annual planning.  The less in your head that your have to remember the more peaceful you can become.