Planning Made Simple – Calendar Planning

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I bet it feels like we have thousands of thoughts per day.  Actually you do!  I recently read that if you had to put a number on the amount of thoughts the average person has per day it is somewhere around 12,000.  What?  That is a lot to keep track of isn’t it!  So do all those thoughts have to stay in your head? No they don’t. They’re taking up valuable brain space that you need to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. The easiest way to accomplish keeping yourself balanced is simply just a matter of preparation. Planning made simple.

Right now I bet you’re wondering how you can organizing those 12,000 thoughts in your head.  It is actually a little simpler than you think!

Use a calendar

Let’s face it. Most of us have deadlines, appointments and scheduled events that we need to make sure we keep. Using a calendar to track all of these responsibilities will keep us on task and accountable.

Here are a few things to keep in minds are you are considering your planning needs.

Choose Paper and/or Digital:

Maybe you’re the type of person that has to write things down and have it front of you at all times. Maybe you’re very techy person everything needs to be on your computer. Which ever personality and style fits you best, choose the calendar that is going to make the most sense for you. Keep in mind that in today’s day and age using both sometimes isn’t a bad idea. I use my digital calendar to sync with my husband for appointments that we both need to see. But I use my planner to keep my daily tasks in front of me as a reminder of things that I need to get done. There is nothing wrong with using both. I caution you from using too many calendars because that can just be overwhelming and you what run greater risk of overlooking something important.


Best A5 Planner Insert Walkthrough

Planning should be simple.  Team PBP created planner inserts to give you a tool to help you track appointments, manage your routines and visually see the tasks and errands you need to accomplish.  Want and insider look?  Get to know our Brand Maven/CEO Rachel.  She will tell you a little bit about about us and give you walk through of our planner inserts.  We know that you are going to love them.  Simply love them!  XO

5 Reasons to Plan your Meals

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Each day is a new opportunity however there is something simply magical about the start of the new year.  It is a time of new beginnings.  The endless opportunities to set new goals or revive old ones.  This is the perfect time to simplify life and create new routines and plans.  It is also a great time to reflect on the past and put a plan together on what you would like to do better.

Plan it out!

One of the things that worked really well for me this year is planning out all my meals. Figuring out what is for dinner was one of the most stressful parts of my day.   Whether you like to cook or not, I am sure know what I am talking about. I am not a huge fan of cooking.  I know it relaxes some people and if you are that person that please tell me your secret!  :).

Write it down!

So now that you have an idea of what you are serving for dinner this week how are you going to remember it.  Well.  Here is the best tip we have! Writing  down your menu plan  gets that stored information out of your head so you don’t have to remember it. Brain space is a valuable commodity!

Simple Planner Page Set Up

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How many times have you said “I don’t need to write that down, I will totally remember it?”  Yeah. Us too.   There is SO much we need to keep track of in our daily lives, how can we be expected to remember it all. Why should we?  Keeping track of all our appointments. Our families appointments.  Errands we need to run. Calls we need to make.  Things we need to buy.  Bills we need to pay.  Sound familiar?  Overwhelmed yet.  Yeah Us too.

We searched for a way to get it all under control. It was really simple when we started looking for a solution.  Write it down.  Simple.  Done.  You no longer have to store all the info in your brain like you are a computer.  This painless task of taking pen to paper will give you your “brain space” back.  By taking a few moments to layout everything you need to accomplish you can organize those tasks, create the best plan of attack to get it all done.  This will ultimately create more peace and calm in your days.  And that is what we all need. Peace. Ohhhhhhhmmmmmmmm………..

Whether you just use a piece of paper, notebook or the calendar you get from the ASPCA, we just want you to write it down.  If you are looking for something a little more structured, hey, we got you covered with that too.  Go to our shop get our limited edition A5 Planner Inserts. Cultivated because of our busy lives, we are proud to be able to share with you our week on two page calendar inserts.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how we use these pages to streamline our days and weeks.


Paper Bean Press A5 Insert Refills Priority Box

We call this our priority box.  This is a place for our most important task or focus of the week.  This box was born for that one item that you simply cannot forget for the week. Think of it as your “don’t forget” box.  You could also place quotes or scriptures in this area as a wonderful reminder for the week. We have done that too if there is nothing super pressing for the week.  We actually really like to use is that way.
Use it for…
Upcoming Birthdays/Holidays
Card(s) you have to mail
Appointments you have to make
Items you must buy
Bills you have to pay

How to cut printables

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We love printables!

It’s really no secret how much we adore printables.  And when we create a printable that we just swoon over, we think you need to have it!  That’s how we roll.

Since all our printables are created to fit an A5 planner, there is a little trimming you will need to do after you download these must have pages.  Each page will print perfectly centered on an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper.  If there are two pages or more you can print them on both side of the paper.  If your computer setting are correct, they should print perfectly.

Printing TIP:  Make sure when you go to print the page you change your printer settings and choose ACTUAL SIZE. (Most printer will default to fit to page.)

Our pages are built with crop market which will give you a guide on how and where to cut them.   Here is a step-by-step guide on how we trim our printable to fit in our “can’t live without” planners.


Thanksgiving Timeline Planner

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Thanksgiving us probably one of our favorite holidays. There is just something magical about family and friends gathered together to celebrate everything we have to be thankful for.  The amazing feast of foods.  The festive decor.  The taste of that delicious pumpkin pie. The smell of that apple cider candle which just flickers a warm glow making you warm inside..  It could be one of the best days of the year!

With all that wonderfulness to look forward to, a sheer panic hits you.  I have to plan that day!  Dinner.  Invitations.  Decor.  Seating arrangements.  Oh my stuffing!  Hey, we are in it too.  Don’t worry. We got you!

We put together a timeline to plan the perfect thanksgiving holiday.  DOWNLOAD the FREE printable to help make your Thanksgiving awesome-sauce!


Free Printable – Passwords

We love to help you organize your planner!  Here are some free printables to help you simplify some of the things in your life. Get immediate access to our entire library of printable.

23  Clever Ideas to Track in your Planner

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Your planner is such a great tool and really can be a welcomed assistant to your life.  Creating a well-planned life can be fun when you get creative and personalize your planner to fit your lifestyle.  If you are looking for some inspiration on what pages you can use to help simplify your life, look no further.  We’ve got you covered.  Here are 23 clever things you can write  down or keep track of in your planner.


Top 6 Productivity Tips

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Each day we have list of things to do.  Projects we are in the middle of, tasks we need to get accomplished and responsibilities that we need to manage.  It may seem like a huge undertaking to find the motivation to be productive.  Sometimes starting is simply the hardest part.  With so much to do in our lives now-a-days it’s no wonder why we are always so busy.  How do we get past busy and get productive?   The answer lies in creating a plan.  Here are the top 6 productivity tips on how you can craft a plan that will lead to down a path where the end goal is rewarding.


Perpetual Calendar Planning Tips

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Top tips on Planning out your Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual calendar is a collection of important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays and important events that reoccur each year.  This overview will be an up front reminder of those dates that have special meaning. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to use your perpetual calendar to its fullest! (more…)