All great stories start with a cup of coffee and a planner.

Do you love coffee?  We love coffee. Not too strong of a blend but good flavorful cup of java is sometimes the perfect way to perk up the day.  Don’t get us wrong.  We love tea too.  There is something to be said for sitting back and enjoying a lovely cup of tea.  Do you know what else we love?


We adore the ability to write things down. There is something calming and freeing about making a note of something so you do not have to remember it.  Brain space is sacred.  With the millions of thoughts that pop in into our heads on a daily basis, it is a relief to know there is one place you can go to jot down all that important information.  A simplified process to keep track of ideas, tasks & appointments.  Are you like that?

So here is how this whole thing started.

My friend and I were sitting in the local coffee shop with our lattes and we simply started talking about our planners. We realized very quickly that we were both planner addicts.  Our mutual love for paper , coffee and planning took over the entire conversation.   An idea started to create planner pages to help plan your day better. If you can plan your day efficiently with tasks you have to do, it allows you the time to do the things you want to do.  It was an ah-ha moment.  It was so simple. The two of us started working on a planner that was simple but effective in planning those daily chores and scheduled activities.

So there you have it!  Paper Bean Press is the perfect blend of style and function. Simple.  Easy to use.  Make it your own.  Plan better.   We are exited for this journey and hope you love the planner that was created for people just like you!

So grab your beverage of choice, coffee, tea, latte, macchiato, what ever you love and plan with us.