Your planner is such a great tool and really can be a welcomed assistant to your life.  Creating a well-planned life can be fun when you get creative and personalize your planner to fit your lifestyle.  If you are looking for some inspiration on what pages you can use to help simplify your life, look no further.  We’ve got you covered.  Here are 23 clever things you can write  down or keep track of in your planner.

Daily or Weekly Spreads:

Tasks:  These are items that only take one or two steps to accomplish.  Keeping track of all the tasks will make sure nothing gets missed.

Appointments:  These are scheduled events that you have committed to attending.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that dentist appointment you made 6 months in advance.  On the flip side, after you schedule dinner with your bestie in two weeks, you get to see that reminder and which gives you something to look forward to.

Projects:  These are pieces of work that need to be planned out requiring multiple steps to achieve the end result. Projects can be fun and time consuming.  This is something which will garner a need for quite a few details so keeping a page set aside for each project will keep you organized and you on track for project success.

Reoccurrences:  These are tasks that are done with some type of frequency.  If you have a chore that you have to do each week or a standing appointment this is a great thing to keep track of in your planner.  I know that every 2 weeks I need to stop at the post office to pick up my mail.  I pop that onto my weekly calendar so there is no question on when I need to make the USPS trip.

Habit tracker:  Statistics stay that on average is takes 66 days for someone to create a new habit.  Whatever new habit you want to create, writing it down will create a sense of accountability for this new target you are reaching to obtain.  Here is article from the Mayo Clinic with a few tips to help.

Gratitude: We all have some much to be grateful for.  Writing down what we are thankful for is a wonderful way to be reminded of all the joys and blessings in our lives.

Water intake:  As busy as our lived tend to get, it is sometimes so hard to make sure we are drinking enough water throughout the day.  Keeping hydrated is extremely important for our health and tracking how much water you drink in a day a great way to make sure you are getting your recommended daily intake.  You should shoot for 8 glass of water per day.

Due dates:  If you have something due on an important date is it a wise idea to make a note on that specific day so you don’t forget.  Things such as bills due or deadlines that must be met are tremendous examples of dates that should be penned so they are not easily forgotten.

Quotes:  Words of encouragement will always make your heart warm.  Having these notes scattered throughout your planner will make you get that warm and fuzzy feeling each time you see that inspiring message.

Journal:  With the busy lives that we all lead, one day tends to blend into the the other.  Taking a moment to record what happened that day or week will assist you in the preservation of fond memories.

Weather:  As you plan out your week, take a quick peek at weather forecast and jot that into your planner.  This will help your planning efforts as you map out your week.  You may not want to schedule that picnic in the park if is is supposed to rain all weekend. Although weather forecasts tend to change, I have found they are pretty close and can be helpful in constructing plans.

Health:  I am a calorie and weight tracker.  I track my calories intake as well as my current weight for the day.  Whether you track this on a daily or weekly basis, it s something that you could note in your planner.  Seeing it every day creates accountability and help you reach those goals.

Financial:  Tracking what you spend for the day will help you reach your financial goal as you will start to see a clear picture of what you spend your money on.  Maybe you will see that you really spend a lot of money at the local coffee shop.  Maybe it is way more than you want to admit.  No need to judge, but knowledge is power when is comes to saving money.

Printables or Pages:

Passwords:  With every website you go to now-a-days, requiring you to log in or sign up for something, it is almost crazy to think how many passwords you have to remember.  No one can keep all that in there head.  You’ll go mad.  Having a page designed for containing all this data will keep you from losing for password marbles.  Want a free printable to track your passwords?  We have that for you.  Click here.

Books to read:  I don’t know about you but sometimes there is nothing better than escaping into a good book.  A friend will tell me about a book or some amazing title will peek my interest and there is no better place to keep that must read list than in your planner.

Gift Ideas:  All the sudden it hits me!  “What a perfect birthday present that would make for my nephew”.  I need a go-to place to write down this brilliance so I am not struggling for ideas when it is time to make that special purchase.  Consider creating a list for each special person and make notations each time you think of some clever gift idea.  You’ll thank me.  Really you will.

Contact information:  Although most of us rely heavily on our phones or google when we need to reference someones phone number, there are just times when having a list of important contacts at your fingertips can be useful.  Did you ever notice when you are ON the phone, someone asks you for that phone number stored IN your phone?  Yeah, the struggle is real.

Fitness Log:  Tracking your exercise is not only smart but feel just as good as the exercise itself!  Checking off what you were able to accomplish whether it be that 3 mile jog of the extra 10 minutes of cardio, you can see how awesome you are doing and feel proud of your achievement.

Meal Planning:  Planning out what you are going to eat each day or week was one of the best things I started doing.  I have to admit this always seemed like a silly task to me until I did it!  Wow!  Not having to think about what if for dinner was a freeing and mind-blowing experience.  Take a few moments plan out each meal for each day.  This makes grocery shopping less of a chore because you now know what you need to get rather than aimlessly walking through the store.  When you get home, there is no mental prep needed. You just make dinner.  See.  Mind-blown!

Cleaning Schedule:  There are some things that whether we like it or not just have to get done and cleaning is one of them.  Believe it of not, I don’t mind cleaning (hello OCD) but that is because I have a schedule in place that allows me to simply look at what I need to do, and on which day to do it.  That way I do not get overwhelmed having to clean the entire house all at one time.  Your planner is a great place to create a cleaning routine for you own home.

Vacation ideas:  There are all sorts of place to visit on this amazing globe.  Create a list of the places that you would most like to visit so you can work toward and plan to take that dream trip.

Charity: I am very blessed.  Knowing that, I am a big believer in giving to those who are less fortunate that I am.   My heart will melt for any animal that may be need.  That being the case, in addition to my monthly donations, I use this page to track additional donations throughout the year as most are tax deductible.  However I really give because it feels good to do so and the animal need it more than I do.

Items to Donate:  In an effort to live a more simplistic and minimal life, I have used the past year to clean my house of clutter and items that I no longer use or need.  If I think of something that I have not used in a long time, I add that to my “must donate” list.  Each month I look at my list gather the items and donate them.

This are just a few ideas to help you create a planner that is truly yours.  Personalize your pages and get creative.  What is meaningful to you?  What makes your heart warm?  Design pages that will help you visualize your tasks and goals.  Each step will bring you one move closer to a well-planned and chaos-free life.